Beyond the Bells

Beyond the Bells is an opportunity for students to showcase their leadership skills, their creativity skills, and their ability to further their learning!

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Grant Wood’s Beyond the Bells after school program’s guidelines gives students the ability to:

  • Learn responsibility, the wise-choice process, and positive behavior including caring, cooperation and gratitude, through discussion and modeling.
  • Be enriched culturally through a variety of experiences acknowledging and celebrating diversity.
  • Develop emotional intelligence using Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) guidelines, and through modeling by and practice with staff members.
  • Develop good health and nutritional habits through snacks and recreational activities.

We have a Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) consisting of a group of individuals who meet to discuss guidelines and practices that help the Beyond the Bells club run at its' best for student growth and family support. The CPC is comprised of Beyond the Bells Staff, Grant Wood Staff, Bettendorf District Staff, and Grant Wood Parent Representatives.