Daniels & Gogel - Employees of the 4th Quarter

Daniels & Gogel - Employees of the 4th Quarter

May 26, 2017

Lisa Gogel and Deb Daniels with Heather Stocking (BCSD HR Director), Mike Raso (BCSD Superintendent) and John Cain (GW Principal).

Congratulations to GW Librarian Lisa Gogel & Instructional Leader Daniels for being named BCSD Employees of the 4th Quarter! The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes Bettendorf Community School District staff who inspire exceptional service and attitude. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to their job and/or school involvement above and beyond expectations.

Lisa Gogel

Grant Wood Elementary

Lisa works tirelessly for the students and staff. She is an inspiration to all who work with her. She is always finding ways to engage students and help them develop a love of reading. She provides a wealth of information and ideas to help improve student achievement.

Lisa takes her role as a model teacher seriously and demonstrates best practices in her teaching. She is a lifelong learner and is always willing to share new ideas and strategies that will help students become more engaged in their learning. Lisa supports teachers by collaborating with them on lessons and integrating technology whenever possible. She reinforces what is taught in the general education classroom by incorporating the same types of activities into her library lessons. Lisa goes above and beyond each day.

She is quick to assist her fellow staff members and can troubleshoot many problems. She is a dynamo when it comes to technology. Her talents seem to be limitless. She also encourages her colleagues to come and observe her teaching and give her feedback on how to improve her craft. Lisa gives 100% to her students and fellow staff.

Deb Daniels

Instructional Coach
Grant Wood Elementary

Deb inspires others to work harder and learn more every day. She is enthusiastic, energetic, driven and determined, and has a heart of gold. She is passionate about the students and staff at Grant Wood, and is an integral team member.

She encourages reflection, models dedication to excellence in all parts of her professional area, and has boundless energy. She multi-tasks many projects at once, with enthusiasm and determination. She goes the extra mile daily for those she works with.

She is an excellent, thoughtful, and dependable instructional coach to the teachers who work with her. She is collaborative, facilitative, empowering, innovative, resourceful, and knowledgeable, all with a tremendously, positive personality that is adored.

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