Carla Porth Name BCSD Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Carla Porth Name BCSD Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Mar 11, 2016

Heather Stocking, Carla Porth, John Cain

Carla Porth Named BCSD Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to GW Kindergarten Teacher Carla Porth for being named one of the Bettendorf Community School District Employees of the 2nd Quarter!

Carla consistently puts others before herself. She makes everyone feel welcome at Grant Wood. Her dedication to her students is so amazing and impressive. All of Carla’s students LOVE her years beyond kindergarten. Her students are incredibly successful because of the relationships that she has with them. She has a smile and a hug for everyone in the building - staff included - and consistently looks for ideas for others to use.

Carla is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond, stop students for a hug, stay late, come on the weekends, and shut off the lights to save energy. Carla is one of a kind!

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